Completed in March 2018, Light Application worked with the City of Mandurah and Downer Electrical to illuminate the new traffic bridge. The client worked closely with the community to ensure aspects of the old bridge were kept with the upgrade, like the fishing platform made from the old bridge pylons.
With the well designed bridge from BCA, the wall gradient allows for perfect grazing without losing intensity, using a range of products from Vaya Linear RGB LP for the pedestrian walkway, PCK Colorburst Gen 2 RGBW for the pylons, Vaya Flood RGB MP for the fishing platform and Iplayer 3/controlsoft for remote access for program updates and schedule changes.
After a smooth install the client was so pleased they requested a special 15 minute opening show for the big reveal, and they also offer charitable or not for profit organisations the ability to book the lights for a day to help promote the company’s special event or appeal.

The team will be working with the ongoing upgrades of the surrounding areas and the bridge.

Client: City of Mandurah
Builder: Georgiou
Electrical Consultant: BCA
Electrical Contractor: Downer
Photo: City of Mandurah