The Matagarup Pedestrian Bridge was built to provide a direct pedestrian link between the city centre of Perth in Western Australia, across the Swan River to the new multipurpose 60,000 seat Optus Stadium and the public parks around it. The bridges modern design and structural shape resembles two flying black & white swans (our tradition & native animals of the Swan River); and its illumination was an essential element to complement the bridge every night of the year, not just on event days at the stadium.

The original architectural design of the bridge, was that the bridges framing was to be completely enclosed in a translucent skin, at the last moment, an architectural change to leave the steel structure exposed called for the rapid reworking of the lighting and control design by the local Signify partner Light Application and ultimately to an unapologetically bold architectural expression that needed equally visually bold illumination to match the nearby Optus stadium’s total LED fit-out also by Signify and Color Kinetics.

Standing an impressive 65 meters tall, the 400m wide bridge is required to illuminate to an ever-changing yearly calendar of community event days colours and interactive animations, Interact Landmark was successfully utilised to provide control, scheduling and monitoring of the bridge and is being extended out to other Government projects around the City of Perth including the new Optus Stadium.

The public appreciation of the bridge was immediate, as it provides a great amenity, access and ever-changing visual interactivity with the river and the sports precincts parks and gardens both at night and by day.

The design objectives and requirements were to have the visual striking illumination of the structure of the bridge, high energy efficiency and extremely low ongoing maintenance requirement along with very long service life. The other main design element was the fully featured remote control, scheduling, and interactivity, ensuring the visual repertoire of the bridge is always changing and visually refreshed.

Lighting Designer: Light Application
Builder: York Rizzani JV for the State Government of Western Australia
Electrical Engineer: KBR
Electrical Contractor: Stiles Electrical
Photography: Artist Liaison